We went in for Surgery at 7:30 am on Monday, to do the last surgery for reversing the ostomy.  The doctors took Pastor Bub in at 10am, and the plan was for a 30 - 45 minute procedure.  However, this is not exactly the way it happened!

At noon, Dr. Clingan came out and told us why it had taken longer than planned.  They were going to do the reversal through the ostomy, but when they got in, there was so much scar tissue, it was not possible to get it freed  up.  In fact, a small hole was torn in the small intestine while trying to get it unloosed from the scar tissue in the abdominal wall.  So, the doctor had to do a mainline incision again in the abdomen, and approach it that way.

He told us he's probably done the last 50 of thes take down procedures with no problem.  Leave it up to Bub - to be the 1 in 50!  Anway, the end result is what we were hoping for.  The surgery was a success, and the small intestine was repaired and reattached to the large intestine.  This is the important part - the "ends" not the "means"!

So, now we just wait for the bowels to "wake back up".  It takes a few days for things to start functioning again.  When he is able to start passing gas, they will let him have soft foods, and the wait for a bowel movement.  As long as that goes ok, they will let us go home.  We're guessing that will probably be on friday.

Please be praying for
1. No infections!
2. A speedy recovery by his digestive system so he can start eating again.
3. No problems with elimination, etc.