If you havn't heard, Harvest has chartered the area's First MOPS (Mother's Of PreSchooler's) group.  The turnout has been fabulous!  These are mom's of pre-school aged kids, who meet together in a time to encourage each other, gain insight, and give counsel to each other during this season of life.

MOPS is open to women from the community... regardless of where you go/don't go to church!  Please come be a part of this "inter-denominational" group! 

Babysitting is provided!  The ladies meet at the church on the 1st monday of each month (at 9:30am).   They also schedule an outing on the 3rd MOnday of the month... so be watching for those details as they become available.

Caroline Whitmore is leading the MOPS group, and does such a tremendous job.  EVERYONE is welcome!